I had an account with Commercial State Bank, opened it in 2005 and it was not perfect, but the customer service was great.

Midland States Bank took it over on March 1, 2009 and it has been nothing short of a nightmare since then.

I receive $1,010 per month from SSA and had my money transferred here, (Philippines) where I have retired.

I had been having problems accessing my account since mid February, so I imformed SSA that I was changing accounts and closing the one at Midland Sfafes.

Apparently, it didn't get into the computer in time and Midland received the money, won't let me access it (apparently in retalliation because I closed the account) and SSA says they can'y issue another check to me unless Midland "voluntarily" releases the money to them which, of course they refuse to do.

Midland also let me know that since I have no access to an account there, they have levied a $28.00 overdraft charge for attempted withdrawal of the funds.

I had tried to receive the money through a remittance company and since they deny the money is mine, the overdraft effectively ate all of my minimum balance and some of the ill gotten SSA check which was sent.

They are now demanding that they be allowed to reopen the account woth a $250.00 minimum (my agreement was only $10) or they will keep all of the money for themselves.

I have contacted SSA to no avail, they say they have no control over bank policy and even though I have a receipt for the papers I sent, transferring my account, they still deny having received them.

Beware of all banks now, especially Midland States Bank in Waterloo, Il.

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